10 Tips That Will Make Your Workouts More Effective

Learn how to prevent injuries AND get the results you want

Inactivity has become an epidemic that leads to many health issues. Moving more is the first step towards better physical and mental health. However, training mistakes or improper form can increase the risk of sports injuries.

Apart from that, certain exercise routines are more effective in reaching your goals than others.

This article will help you to understand how to make your workouts efficient while decreasing the risk of injury.

Define your exercise goals

Having clear goals will help you to find the most effective exercise routine to reach them. While all movement is good. Specific goals, such as increasing endurance, preventing back pain, losing weight, require specific exercise programs.

Start with an assessment

Assessments will help your fitness journey in two ways:

  • You will establish a baseline that you can use for progress tracking.
  • You understand if you have any muscle imbalances which need to be addressed to avoid injury and maximize performance.

So, even if it’s not pleasant, record your starting weight and the results of any strength or mobility tests before you start any exercise program.

Track your progress

Research has shown that progress tracking can increase motivation and improve results. Apart from that, it helps you to understand which exercises helping you and which not. For example, if you notice that a specific movement hurts you, you need to replace it with another one that trains the same muscles, yet does not affect your body negatively.

Switch up your routine regularly

Sticking to the same workout routine without regular adjustments can increase your risk of injury and lead to performance or weight loss plateaus.

Adding new exercises or training protocols can help you to avoid this. Besides, you will decrease your chances of getting bored, which is another reason why people drop out of their exercise program.

Don’t neglect mobility training

Tight muscles can prevent you from moving efficiently, which can lead to injuries. Adding mobility exercises such as foam rolling is crucial for staying injury-free and reaching your goals.

Foam Rolling can Improve Mobility and Recovery

Make enough time for recovery

Strength training causes micro-tears within the muscle fiber, which are repaired during the recovery process. This helps the body to adapt, i.e., gets stronger.

Insufficient recovery, on the other hand, can lead to overtraining, injuries, and a weakened immune system.

However, “recovery” does not mean lying on the couch. Light cardio workouts or stretching can aid your body in recovering from hard workouts.

Have a training plan

As described above, it’s crucial to balance workouts and recovery sessions. A training plan can help you to achieve this balance. Of course, you can still be flexible and skip sessions if needed. However, having a plan will make it more likely that stick to your routine.

Apart from that, a well-designed program will give you guidance on when to train what with which intensity for optimal results and injury prevention.

Start small

Goals that are too ambitious and not reachable in the foreseeable future can lead to frustration. 10 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise at all. Defining realistic milestones that you can reach within the first month of your training program will help you to stay motivated.

Take baby steps

A sudden change in training quantity or intensity can lead to injuries. Increasing the duration of your workouts by 5 or 10% per week can help your body to adjust without burning you out.

Optimize your nutrition according to your goals

The macro-nutrients you consume before or after your workout have a significant effect on your weight loss or performance goals.

For example, eating a meal high in protein after finishing your workout will help you to optimize muscle growth and improve the recovery process.

Fasted workouts can help you to burn more fat. However, if building muscles is your primary goal, you will benefit from a small snack high in protein 1 – 2 hours before working out.

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