Disconnect to Reconnect

Get inspired and reconnect with yourself – all you need to do is to shut off your phone

I am sure this sounds familiar: you sit on a train, a bus, or even an Uber and the first thing you do is reaching for your phone and checking your emails, social media accounts, etc.

Now think what you would have done 15 years before: well, first of all, there was no Uber 15 years ago. But apart from that, you would probably not have starred at your phone, but outside the window. Or you would have read a book.

I remember how much I used to love taking trains and to watch the landscape flying by. Or to sit on a plane without Wifi.

Being disconnected from your phone or any other device and daydreaming can open the door to new experiences:

  • You might see things that inspire you.

  • You might come across memories you almost forgot.

  • You might get your mojo back.

  • You might end up talking to strangers sitting next to you.

  • You might experience a burst of creativity.

Four years ago, I was in Paris and lost my iPhone. First, I panicked, but then I had one of the best days of my life: I strolled through the city. Nobody could reach me, and I was not able to take any pictures. Instead, I “saw” things and reconnected with myself.

Ready for some real life?

Try one of the following experiments (from easy to hard):

  • Leave your house without your phone and walk around for 2–3 hours.

  • Put your phone in another room and only allow yourself to check it every 4–5 hours.

  • Don’t use your phone for one entire day.

These “exercises” are not easy, but you might be surprised by the result.

“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.”
Thomas Paine

In good health,

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Rike Aprea

My name is Friederike Aprea. Most people call me Rike. I'm German-born and have lived and worked in Japan and Korea before I moved to the US. I coach individuals and companies using the principles of Kaizen. Whether you want to live a more purpose-driven life, improve your health, or change the business model of your company: Kaizen can get you there. Step by step. Day by day.

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