How To Love Your Morning Workout

Stop making excuses and start your day right

Morning Workouts have a wide range of benefits:

  • They will kickstart your metabolism
  • They will provide you with energy
  • They will boost your mood
  • They set you up for a healthy day

Apart from that, you will have fewer excuses to skip them compared to evening workouts.

Here’re some tips that can help you to stick to a morning workout routine:

Prepare your workout gear the night before

Most people don’t have an abundance of time in the morning, so searching for your workout clothes, shoes, etc. can kill valuable time (and your motivation). Preparing your clothes will not only solve that problem but can also boost your motivation.

Putting your workout gear close to your bed can help to increase your chances of actually working out. This behavior change strategy is called stimulus control and is based on the idea that providing or removing specific stimuli can increase the motivation for specific behaviors.

Drink coffee before your workouts

Drinking coffee can not only help you to wake up, but also enhance athletic performance, improve endurance, and increase your metabolism. All of this can help you to have a more powerful and effective workout.

Commit to show up

Booking a class, making an appointment with a trainer or scheduling a workout increases your commitment to show up. It’s harder to skip a workout if you already paid for a class or promised to meet somebody.

Have a plan

Having a training plan can help to increase your motivation. It works towards a specific goal and provides you with defined activities for specific days of the week. This will also help you to avoid wasting time trying to figure out what to do when you’re in the gym.

Warm up

Warming up your body will help you to minimize your injury risks. Especially in the morning, your muscles can be still “cold” and not ready to start a strenuous workout right away.

That’s why waking up your body with a short mobility workout can be helpful. I do a mix of foam rolling, stretching, and some bodyweight exercises before starting my morning workouts.

Listen to your body

If you’re sick, had a bad night of sleep, or if you just don’t feel like working out, it’s okay to take a day off. Pushing yourself too hard is counterproductive and will lead to overtraining or injuries.

Optimize your breakfast

I recommend doing your morning workout in a fasted state. When you are fasting, your glucose levels are low, and your body has to use fat for fuel.

When you eat, try to have a protein-rich breakfast. Protein is the building block for muscles, and it’s essential to ensure sufficient daily protein intake, especially if you want to build lean body mass.

Wait a little before you eat

If you want to maximize your weight loss efforts, it can also help to wait with your breakfast for 30 or 60 minutes after finishing your workout. That way, you extend your “fat-burning window.”

In good health,

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Rike Aprea

My name is Friederike Aprea. Most people call me Rike. I'm German-born and have lived and worked in Japan and Korea before I moved to the US. I coach individuals and companies using the principles of Kaizen. Whether you want to live a more purpose-driven life, improve your health, or change the business model of your company: Kaizen can get you there. Step by step. Day by day.

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