Kaizen Up – The Book

The Japanese word “Kaizen” consists of two Kanjis (Chinese Characters). 改 (Kai) stands for “change, renew, or reform” and 善 (Zen) stands for “Good.” The literal translation of it means “Improvement.”
In a nutshell, Kaizen describes a philosophy of continuous improvement, focusing on small steps that – eventually – lead to significant changes.

This book will give you daily inspiration for a small change that can help you to improve your health, fitness, happiness.

The topics include health, wellness, fitness, weight loss, motivation, self-care, and nutrition and are based on the latest science as well as te experience of the authors:

Rike Aprea is a coach, consultant, and trainer and has worked with clients and companies in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

Sush Prusty M.D. is an emergency physician and a commercial and FAA certified flight instructor specializing in the prevention of cardiovascular disease with a passion for saving lives in- and outside of the ER. He is also the recipient of several teaching awards and does public speaking on cardiac disease and heart attack prevention.

The book will NOT provide you with a one-fits-all diet or exercise program but rather with insights and suggestions on how to become a fitter, healthier you:

On every first day of the week, you will get insights on motivation and behavior change.

On the seconds day of each week, you will get a tip on how to improve your health.

On every third day, I will share advice on weight loss or weight management.

The fourth day of every week is about nutrition or superfoods.

On every fifth day of your 4-week challenge, you will receive tips about fitness and exercise.

The sixth day is dedicated to self-care.

And the last days of your weekly program are reserved for soul-searching and life coaching.

Are you ready to Kaizen Up your life? Start your journey today!

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