How to Save Your Business and Your Sanity During The COVID-19 Crisis

When the Corona Crisis started, I was less concerned about my health than my about business. 

If you own a small business that involves contact with others, you’ll know what I mean. COVID-19 is a threat. My coaching business was hit hard during the last weeks. And even if I continued to earn money with writing, and consulting, it hurt.

But as bad as this whole “Corona Crisis” is, there is something positive to it: it forces us to slow down and thus gives us the opportunity to step back and evaluate if we’re living the life we want to live.

5 years ago, I was in a similar place. An unforeseen event turned my life upside down and helped me to understand what I really wanted to do with my life and what not. Looking back, it was one of the best thins that ever happened to me.

So, please don’t miss this chance. Use this opportunity to understand where you stand and where you want to go.

Here’s a process that I use with clients that are at a turning point in their life. You can apply it for your health, your social life, your family life, your career, your love life.

If you’re trapped inside, I’d like to encourage you to take my “4-week Corona Challenge”. If only to have some fun…

This is a shortened version of my coaching process that you can use to identify your goals for the next 4-weeks:

Step 1

Write down your biggest challenge. Ideally, in one sentence. For example, I wrote down: “I need to create online offerings to supplement my offline business.”

Step 2

What’s your vision 1 year from now? Do you want to make money from a new income source? If so: how much? Do you want to address a new target group? Do you want to be more independent from your offline business? Write down anything that comes to mind. The more detailed the better.

Step 3

Let’s be pessimistic: what would happen if you don’t change anything at all. Would your business get hit by the next crisis too? It’s okay to be a bit negative here: the darker the picture, the bigger your motivation to change.

Step 4

Now it’s time to dream big. Imagine you’ve successfully mastered your change. Would you be relieved? Proud? Happy? How would the future of your business look like?

Step 5

Write down a list of the goals that you want to accomplish during the next month. Do you need to learn a specific skill? Create a specific product? Design a website? Market your service to a specific target group?

Step 6

This is the MOST powerful step. From my experience, people have a harder time changing if they don’t start working on their project, transformation, etc. in the next 12–24 hours. So, go ahead and start working on your “Corona Challenge”: create a roadmap, sign-up for a course, develop a profile for your target group.

The Japanese word for crisis is 危機 (Kiki); it can also be translated as a “defining moment.” The Charakter 危 stands for dangerous, and the character 機 stands for opportunity.

A crisis is always a chance. I know this sounds lame when you are currently in the middle of one, but once you have accepted your situation and done your homework of soul searching and self-reflection, you might be surprised what life still has in store for you.

I solved my COVID-19 crisis by starting a virtual coaching business. This allows me to continue working with my existing clients while accepting new ones from different countries. Apart from that, I finally finished the manuscript for my first book.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. Winston Churchill

How is your business holding up to the current crisis? Do you need support in creating a successful online business or market your business more effectively? Contact me at [email protected]

Rike Aprea

My name is Friederike Aprea. Most people call me Rike. I'm German-born and have lived and worked in Japan and Korea before I moved to the US. I coach individuals and companies using the principles of Kaizen. Whether you want to live a more purpose-driven life, improve your health, or change the business model of your company: Kaizen can get you there. Step by step. Day by day.

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